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Conducting Effective Stakeholder Briefings

RiskLogic’s mandate is to build the crisis leadership capabilities of executive teams to improve outcomes during a crisis. Conducting effective stakeholder briefings during a crisis is one of these key leadership capabilities. Based on our years’ of experience helping organisations build crisis intelligence, here are our tips for constructing informative stakeholder briefings.

Effective Stakeholder briefings are about how we use the information assessed during a crisis situation. Failing to influence stakeholders effectively in the early stages of a crisis has the potential to result in the Crisis Leader losing control of the situation and causing an escalation of events. This is likely to increase the impacts of a crisis including reputational damage, financial loss or legal liability.

Once we have collected and assessed incident facts, we need to use this information to:

  • Determine a course of action to stabilise the event.
  • Develop a crisis response strategy.
  • Provide communication to stakeholders.

Why are Stakeholder Briefings so Important?

Stakeholder briefings are so important during a crisis because they:

  • Facilitate collection of information.
  • Enable crisis managers to control information flows.
  • Facilitate provision of information in a structured manner.
  • Ensure everyone receives consistent information.
  • Help create a common understanding of the situation.
  • Support resource prioritisation and allocation.

Our Top Ten Tips for an Effective Briefing are:

  1. Only include processed ‘factual’ information.
  2. Be informative.
  3. Be authoritative.
  4. Be timely.
  5. Be explicit and precise, double check figures.
  6. Do not repeat information that has already been addressed.
  7. Avoid vague and ambiguous words and phrases.
  8. Anticipate likely questions and provide answers in the brief.
  9. Be clear about who your audience is.

For over 10 years, RiskLogic has worked with business continuity managers and their leadership teams to empower them to successfully lead their organisations through a crisis.

Our qualified and experienced consultants can help you plan for conducting effective stakeholder briefings today. Call us on 1300 731 138 or email