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BC-3 is a multi-award winning, online business continuity tool that allows organisations to effectively command, control and co-ordinate all of their business continuity capabilities.

Brought to you by Risklogic, and powered by ClearView, BC-3’s intuitive user interface and sophisticated functionality reduces the time and cost of managing resilience plans whatever the size of your organisation.

Online Business Continuity Management Software
Business Impact Analysis


BC-3 enables the facilitation of in-depth Business Impact Analysis (BIAs) and Threat Assessments so you can identify and rate critical business functions, assess and measure custom impacts, highlight dependencies, assess people strategies and link critical resource requirements. Never before have you been able to so simply manage your critical data for effective decision making.


Create, access and manage customisable business continuity and crisis management plans for teams, sites, resources, products or functions that are directly linked to your BIA’s. Access your plans online, through print templates or from any mobile device so you have all the information you need at your fingertips, anytime and anywhere.

Business Continuity Plan
Business Impact Analysis


Efficiently create, track and report exercises to test your business continuity capabilities.  You can identify, plan and execute exercises, allocate and track tasks, then report on observations and lessons learnt, providing new ways to build program visibility and full accountability.


Create, manage and report dynamic incidents linked to your plans using virtual whiteboards and interactive incident management tools. Create an incident on your mobile device, view your plan activities, allocate tasks, update and track the status in real-time. Linking seamlessly with your plans and communications module, you now have more control than ever when managing an incident.

Emergency Response
Communicating during a crisis


Integrate your notification and communication requirements with BC-3’s inbuilt two-way SMS and email system or easily connect an external system. Seamlessly stay in touch with your organisation through automated system follow-ups and reminders for plan maintenance, compliance and tasks.


Analyse critical information and compliance reports at any time for team members, management, audit and compliance. Use the standard suite of reports or build your own, with the amount of data now available, you can make informed decisions with the click of a button.

Business Continuity Management
Business Continuity Management


Build accountability and maintain visibility across your organisation via interactive dashboards, issues registers and automated reminders and notifications. With BC-3, maintaining consistency and control of your program has never been easier or more cost effective.

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