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What a Cyberattack May Cost You

Editor’s note: this article was written last year in conjunction with RiskLogic’s Cyber-Awareness campaign. We are re-publishing for 2017’s Cyber awareness month.  The Business Continuity Institute brings you another year of stats to help really put into perspective what the issues facing organisations are. Here is a break down of the 2016 Cyber Resilience Report. […]


Industry Leaders RiskLogic Group & Briggs Communications Form Partnership

RiskLogic and Briggs Communications are excited to announce their new partnership in delivering crisis preparedness, response and recovery services. Together, they bring combined expertise in specialist crisis management, crisis communications, emergency management, strategic response, and business continuity. While both companies will continue to provide services independently, both saw the synergy to work collaboratively in providing […]


5 Reasons Your People Need Business Continuity Training

As we all know, training provides employees with the opportunity to expand their knowledge base and build credibility within their organisation in a particular field of expertise. Unfortunately, people are often too busy to take time away from the office for self-improvement. However, with Business Continuity (BC), the benefits of development expand further than the individual […]