CQCommand: Online Crisis Management Tool


Crisis Intelligence at your fingertips

EvCQCommand | Online Crisis Management Toolery organisation needs a smart, structured approach for managing crisis events, and more importantly the tools to execute a plan under pressure.

From IT outages and cyber-crime, to physical disasters and industrial action, product recalls, supply chain issues and health epidemics. No matter how large or small an incident, it has the potential to impact your organisation’s people, brand and reputation, market share, regulatory compliance and financial stability.

Introducing the first online tool specifically built to help you manage a crisis: CQCommand.

CQCommand allows you to rally your management team and provide
a step-by-step list of actions and tools – empowering you to make the
right business decisions when under pressure.

Find out more on the online crisis management tool by visiting the CQCommand website: 

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CQCommand Pricing

Our aim is to make CQCommand accessible to every organisation, large or small. CQCommand is competitively priced and available in 3 simple subscription packages to suit your specific needs. No lock in contracts, no complex training, simply select your package below and you are ready to go.

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Find out more by visiting the CQCommand website: