Balanced work and family lifestyle
Christmas Party for RiskLogic’s children

It’s easy to spruik that a company has a strong culture & value around its people. But it may be completely different when companies are expected to turn theoretical value into true practice. Businesses can oftentimes get so busy throughout the year that planned social […]

Dec 22,2017
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Leading in a crisis | leadership styles
Organisations under pressure: leading in a crisis

Compared to business as usual, a crisis presents a unique and challenging decision-making environment. Whether it’s a natural disaster, hostage scenario, malware attack or other crisis, leaders and team members may be under enormous psychological pressure when managing through a major incident. In such extremes, […]

Dec 22,2017
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David Bird | NSW/ACT Regional Manager
David Bird appointed as NSW/ACT Regional Manager at RiskLogic

Founded in 2005, RiskLogic has quickly expanded operations along the Eastern Seaboard of Australia, as well as New Zealand. This expansion has seen the appointment of key talent for each region, with David Bird appointed as the NSW/ACT Regional Manager – leading the team in […]

Dec 22,2017
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cyberattack hacking cyber cost
What a Cyberattack May Cost You

Editor’s note: this article was written last year in conjunction with RiskLogic’s Cyber-Awareness campaign. We are re-publishing for 2017’s Cyber awareness month.  The Business Continuity Institute brings you another year of stats to help really put into perspective what the issues facing organisations are. Here […]

Oct 26,2017
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defence foce hacking ASD Alf
How The Defence Force Was Hacked

Written by Brad Law, Senior Manager, Resilience Services & Country Manager NZ & Ollie Law, Commercial Marketing Manager Just over a year ago, I was sitting down to lunch with a client in Wellington. It was a rare, beautiful day with a nice buzz of students […]

Oct 13,2017
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RiskLogic launches exciting new website for New Zealand

Written by Brad Law – Senior Consultant and New Zealand Country Manager Over the last month, we’ve been driving our web developer, James Hutcheon mad with requests, content, images that were “too busy, too small, not enough kiwi” and just about everything in between (I thought my job was […]

Sep 18,2017
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FirstAction Welcomes Latest Australian Citizen

On Thursday 24th August, FirstAction and RiskLogic were very happy to be a part of our very own Kumar Sivanesan’s Australian Citizenship ceremony, held in Ryde, Sydney. At FirstAction, we believe our diverse, multicultural and multi-skilled workforce is what contributes to our growing success. Since […]

Sep 1,2017
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SSL Certificates and how they affect you

Written by Ollie Law – Commercial Marketing Manager NZ & Brad Law – Senior Manager, Country Manager NZ. Let’s pretend that you’re the owner of a fast food franchise in Surry Hills, Sydney, or Kensington, London, or Beverly Hills (pick one), and that your clientele […]

Aug 21,2017
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BC-3 and Activate shortlisted for the BCI Australasian Awards

RiskLogic are pleased to announce that for the fifth time, BC-3 has been nominated for Continuity and resilience provider (service/product) 2017 for the BCI Australasian Awards to be held on the 31st of August. Following recent successes as being named in the Gartner 2017 list , BC-3 […]

Aug 14,2017
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Is Queensland Ready for the Commonwealth Games?

Written by Ollie Law – Commercial Marketing Manager & Simon Petie – Senior Consultant, Queensland. On November the 11th, 2011, The Gold Coast, Australia, found its fifth bid to host the Commonwealth Games successful. Next year (2018), the Gold Coast is going to have an […]

Jul 20,2017
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