BCI Accredited Training

The Business Continuity Institute (BCI) is the industry professional association that aims to improve standards and set good practice guidelines for everyone involved in Business Continuity (BC). The BCI are established as the leading membership and certifying organisation for BC professionals worldwide and as a proud accredited training partner we are able to offer the following courses for BC professionals or anyone who has a BC function as part of their role or responsibility. For more information about our BCI Accredited Course, in-house delivery and tailored courses please contact us today.

This course is an introduction into the world of Business Continuity (BC). It provides practitioners with the basic knowledge and understanding required for developing or maintaining a robust Business Continuity Management program. Led by our experienced BC professional facilitators, this classroom-based course is excellent preparation for the BCI Certificate Examination that leads to the post-nominal designation CBCI. Not only does the CBCI give you an internationally recognised qualification in BC, it also allows candidates who pass to apply for qualified statutory membership of the BCI. This makes it the perfect choice for BC professionals and those that have BC as part of their role or responsibilities looking to complement their experience and build credibility within their organisation through formal training.

With other training partners, the BCI Good Practice Guidelines Training (CBCI) usually takes five days to complete. RiskLogic provides the same in-depth content and examination in three and a half days as we understand that time away from the office can be difficult. However, with this course the benefits of development expand further than the individual that attends and could be the key difference between organisational survival and failure. Here is five reasons why.

The course is arranged over six modules and takes you through the BCM lifecycle step by step. Using case studies and examples based on real-life experience, the instructor provides practical insights into all aspects pertaining to the development, implementation and management of a BC programme within an organisation. After completing the course, you will be prepared for the examination.

  • Module One: Policy and Program Management
  • Module Two: Embedding Business Continuity
  • Module Three: Analysis
  • Module Four: Design
  • Module Five: Implementation
  • Module Six: Validation

Course registrations are open until 2 weeks prior to the course commencement date, as participant’s individual Examination Papers and Certificates are formally issued via the BCI UK.