Business Continuity Testing

What differentiates RiskLogic from its competitors would be the scenario exercising offered to clients. A business continuity plan is great in theory, but when it comes down to implementing it during a crisis, the plan itself may mean next to nothing. RiskLogic can provide an unmatched ability to immerse teams into the realities of a business disruption, crisis situation or emergency event. From adverse weather scenarios, equipment failure, supply chain issues, operational disruptions, pandemic situations, product recalls to cyber security threats, the RiskLogic team can create a simulated environment that reflects the client’s unique business operations, ensuring a comprehensive and engaging learning experience for participants.

Business Continuity Planning

A wide range of scenario exercise services are offered to clients, whether it is a Business Continuity, Crisis Management, emergency Management or a combination of all areas. These scenario exercises range from table-top walkthroughs, component testing to full scale simulations.

Rehearsing your business resilience program through realistic scenario exercise is critical in identifying areas where a program can be improved, build high levels of program engagement and to familiarise staff with their roles, responsibilities and available tools. An improved plan also ensures you satisfy regulatory and third-party expectations.

RiskLogic follows a carefully structured, tried and tested process to develop and facilitate a scenario exercise program as follows:

1. Exercise Planning

RiskLogic will develop a comprehensive exercise plan for the client, outlining all required details for the exercise program, including objectives, scope, methodology, responsibilities, roles, resource requirements, time scales and time frames, participants, communications and measurable performance criteria.

2. Exercise Establishment

RiskLogic establishes all requirements for the exercise program, including development of scenarios, input resources and supporting tools, equipment, participant engagement and all briefings.

3. Exercise Facilitation

On the day of the exercise, RiskLogic will provide lead facilitators to manage the program, with support staff as required. RiskLogic will create a highly dynamic, event driven and realistic scenario experience, utilizing well established exercise resources in a controlled exercise environment. Our adaptable facilitation style helps to maximise participant engagement and provides a comprehensive, yet practical learning experience.

4. Exercise Completion

Once the exercise has been completed, RiskLogic facilitates exercise debriefs and will provide a comprehensive exercise report outlining key activities undertaken, performance against established criteria and identification of key deficiencies to be addressed. RiskLogic will also provide practical recommendations to further improve the program, follow up support and endorsement/compliance statements on successful completion.