Business Impact Analysis

Each year, RiskLogic facilitates over 200 Business Impact Analysis workshops (BIAs) for our clients across Australasia. A Business Impact Analysis (BIA) is conducted to accurately map the vulnerabilities of the organisation, identify critical workflows and key organisational dependencies.

The outcomes of the BIA process are used to establish the basis for effective recovery strategies and business continuity planning. RiskLogic’s BIA process is based on a tried and tested framework with an adaptable methodology involving a combination of site inspections, facilitation of consultative interviews and workshops, use of quantitative risk tools and the review of documentation. Business Impact Analysis

For each business unit, outcomes of the BIA process generally include the identification of:

  • All mission-critical functions
  • Recovery timeframes for each critical function
  • Resource requirements
  • Internal and external dependencies
  • Disruption scenarios applicable to each critical function.