CQ Crisis Leadership Program

The CQ Crisis Leadership Development Program is an industry first executive level course specifically designed by Risklogic to build crisis intelligence amongst executive management teams. The course builds awareness, critical skills and leadership capabilities to effectively manage a crisis situation within the context of an organisation’s unique environment.

The CQ Crisis Leadership Development Program consists of 10 modules, each four hours in duration, delivered in a state-of-the-art training facility or onsite at client’s own premises. The courses are facilitated by RiskLogic crisis management specialists with support from the world’s leading authorities in media management, organisational psychology, critical incident stress and other key disciplines.

The CQ Crisis Leadership Development Program is carefully tailored to offer a mix of practical and theoretical content, specifically designed for senior managers and executives. CQ training includes relevant case studies, proprietary scorecard tools and activities. Course modules include:

  1. Fundamentals of Crisis ManagementCrisis Leadership Team
  2. Planning for a Crisis
  3. The Crisis Leader
  4. Decision Making under stress
  5. Crisis Communication
  6. Human Aspects of a Crisis
  7. Personal resilience
  8. Assessing Crisis impacts
  9. Stakeholder management
  10. Media management

Training can be provided in a variety of formats to suit your individual requirements. These include intensive public style sessions, in-house training for an entire crisis management team or as part of an existing executive development program for individual managers. Training courses can also be tailored to meet the unique requirements of individual organisations.

At RiskLogic, we can proudly say that there is no comparable crisis leadership training program offered by any Australian business or educational institution.

Crisis Management Leadership Program

Our mandate is to build the crisis leadership capabilities of executive teams to improve outcomes during a crisis. We call this crisis intelligence.

Crisis intelligence is about developing crisis leadership skills and enhancing decision making under pressure. It’s also about embedding robust strategies and supporting tools into an organisation’s culture. Crisis intelligence is an integrated process that considers people, systems and infrastructure to provide an holistic crisis management and response capability. Unfortunately, Corporate Australia today is under prepared for tomorrow’s crisis.

This lack of crisis readiness is evident across most sectors of the economy and undermines the stability of many organisations. It presents significant risk to an entity’s reputation, market share, financial stability and regulatory compliance. Adding to this, crisis management has traditionally been the domain of public relations specialists, addressing communications and media in isolation.  Although integral, these components alone do not provide a sufficient level of crisis readiness.

Building crisis intelligence at the highest levels of an organisation is therefore essential for effective management of a significant incident and providing assurance to internal and external stakeholders alike. Today, stakeholders expect organisations to be prepared for any eventuality; being crisis ready is now a commercial necessity.

To download a copy of our CQ Crisis Leadership Program brochure, please click here.