Evacuation Drills

Regular Evacuation Drills and/or Lockdown Drills enable organisations to test the effectiveness of plans, actively engage staff, build emergency response capabilities and ensure ongoing regulatory compliance. RiskLogic facilitates hundreds of Drills for clients each year, using real-life incident scenarios and providing a highly practical and structured environment for the program. For added realism, RiskLogic can provide casualty simulations, participants dressed in moulage (costume makeup) and realistic props such as smoke machines.

All Drills commence with the relevant briefing sessions and upon completion we supply a constructive debrief. A full Drill Report is also provided to capture lessons learnt and any necessary improvements to be made.

General Evacuation Drill details:

  • Audience: Building Wardens and all building occupants
  • Course duration: 1 hour
  • Maximum participants: No maximum
  • Location: On-site at client premises
  • Frequency: Recommended min. 1 x per annum