Incident Management

Essential service providers and higher risk environments require robust incident management systems to ensure a fast, effective and sustained response to significant incidents impacting their people, property or operations.

These systems must accommodate all possible scenarios, be well rehearsed and robustly tested. They aim to deliver the required structure and forethought to minimise any serious ramifications to the organisation, its people and the community it serves.

Effective programs must integrate with preparations from local authorities, regulators and combat agencies and should be aligned with best practice guidelines established by Emergency Management Australia or similar.

RiskLogic provides highly customised support in the following areas:

  • Program reviews
  • Hazard analysis
  • Emergency/Incident management strategies and planning
  • Incident control structures and response teams
  • Tailored incident management
  • Desktop scenario exercises
  • Dynamic full scale scenario exercising
  • Multi-agency events
  • Post incident reviews.