Emergency Response Plans

RiskLogic provides easy-to-use emergency planning and response programs designed to assist building owners, managers and employers fulfill their legal and compliance obligations and provide a safe environment for employees and building occupants.

Emergency Response Plans

RiskLogic creates highly practical and fully tailored Emergency Response Plans for our clients, to be used by their designated emergency response personnel.

They include simple procedures based on their local environment, covering possible emergencies such as fire, bomb threat and medical emergencies, evacuation processes, communication protocols and emergency control structures. Plans are often provided in a kit format containing site specific contacts, emergency details, checklists, logs and warden teams in a practical quick reference card format.

All documents are also supplied in soft copy and online through the RiskLogic client portal.

Warden handbooks and supporting materials

RiskLogic also provides a number of standard, industry specific and customised supporting tools to accompany Emergency Response plans. These may include practical warden handbooks for each identified ECO member that summarises the key procedures and emergency information relevant to the organisation, colour coded flip charts and other quick reference materials to build awareness and enable a fast response to emergencies.