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Crisis Management

Successfully lead your organisation through a crisis event.

What is Crisis Management?

Crisis Management is about having the capability to lead your organisation in the effective response and management of a significant event. Prompt and intelligent decision making by a crisis management team can often limit the potential reputational damage, financial implications and legal liability to the organisation and its stakeholders.

RiskLogic’s crisis management services are uniquely designed to develop the highest degree of leadership competency and build strong organisational capability. To create this, RiskLogic supports organisations to plan, train and test their crisis response.

RiskLogic’s market-leading crisis management services include:

  • Program reviews
  • Strategic program alignment with business objectives
  • Crisis management strategy and plan development
  • Crisis management team structures
  • Communication and media protocols
  • Crisis leadership training programs
  • Crisis management scenario exercise programs
  • Annual assurance programs
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Crisis Management Program Reviews

RiskLogic can analyse and review existing resilience programs to assess an organisation’s level of preparedness and compliance with legislation, best practice standards or benchmarks. This may be specific to crisis management or combined with other resilience services, based on the nature, focus and scale of the review.

RiskLogic also facilitates Post Incident Reviews (PIRs) for organisations who have experienced a recent disruption or incident. A Post Incident Review will evaluate an organisation’s response to a disruption or incident and can be of the entire organisation, selected divisions or focused on external stakeholders. PIRs provide clients with significant learning opportunities by identifying weaknesses and emphasizing strengths, serving to further improve business continuity programs and continually build organisational resilience.

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Crisis Management Plans

A well-structured and action-oriented crisis management plan is essential in order to provide guidance to any leadership team managing the strategic implications of a crisis situation. RiskLogic assists clients by developing tailored standalone crisis management plans or integrated crisis management strategies within a business continuity program.

Key considerations include:

  • Crisis Management Command and Control structures
  • Crisis Command facilities
  • Crisis assessment tools
  • Impact analysis tools
  • Communication strategies, tools and templates.
  • Practical checklists for immediate crisis tasks
  • Escalation procedures to aid with decision making.
  • Crisis response and recovery strategies
  • Staff and resource management plans
  • Stakeholder management strategies
  • Engagement, training and exercising activities
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Crisis Management Training

RiskLogic develops and delivers thousands of hours of training each year to a wide variety of clients throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia, UK and the USA.

Training and development programs are available for all aspects of Crisis Management offerings and all comply with relevant legislation, industry and best practice standards where applicable.

Training is delivered in a format that is most suited to our client’s needs, whether it’s face to face, online or combination of formats. Course content is developed by our in-house team of adult learning specialists and subject matter experts taking into account different learning styles and unique client environments. Our courses have been proven to deliver highly practical and relevant learning experiences for tactical operational staff through to strategic senior executive leaders.

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Crisis Leadership Training

The Crisis Leadership Training Program is an industry first leadership course specifically designed by Risklogic to build crisis intelligence amongst management teams. The course builds awareness, critical skills and leadership capabilities to effectively manage a crisis situation within the context of an organisation’s unique environment.

The Crisis Leadership Training Program consists of 10 modules, each 3-4 hours in duration, delivered in a state-of-the-art training facility or onsite at the client’s own premises. The courses are facilitated by RiskLogic crisis management specialists with support from the world’s leading authorities in media management, organisational psychology, critical incident stress and other key disciplines.

Training can be provided in a variety of formats to suit your individual requirements. These include intensive public style sessions, in-house training for an entire crisis management team or as part of an existing executive development program for individual managers. Training courses can also be tailored to meet the unique requirements of individual organisations.

Course modules include:

  • Fundamentals of Crisis Management
  • Planning for a Crisis
  • The Crisis Leader
  • Decision Making under stress
  • Crisis Communication
  • Human Aspects of a Crisis
  • Personal Resilience
  • Assessing Crisis impacts
  • Stakeholder management
  • Media management

Crisis Management Exercises

If RiskLogic was defined by one service offering alone, it would be our scenario exercising. RiskLogic provides an unmatched ability to immerse teams into the realities of a crisis situation, business disruption or emergency event. From cyber-security threats, pandemic situations, operational disruptions, product recall, equipment failure, supply chain issues to adverse weather scenarios, we build a simulated environment that reflects their unique business operations, ensuring a comprehensive and unforgettable learning experience for participants.

We provide a wide range of scenario exercise services for clients from table-top walkthroughs, component testing, to full-scale simulations.

Rehearsing your crisis management capability program, via realistic, hands-on scenario exercises is critical to identifying areas where a program can be improved, build high levels of program engagement and familiarise staff with their roles, responsibilities and available tools. It also ensures you satisfy regulatory and 3rd party expectations.

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  • Planning
  • Establishment
  • Facilitation
  • Completion

RiskLogic develops a comprehensive exercise plan for our clients outlining all required details for the exercise program, including objectives, methodology, scope, roles and responsibilities, resource requirements, time-frames and timescales, participants, communications and measurable performance criteria.

RiskLogic establishes all requirements for the exercise program, including the development of scenarios, input resources and supporting tools, equipment, participant engagement and all briefings.

On the day of the exercise, RiskLogic provides lead facilitators to manage the program, supported by other support staff as required. We create a highly dynamic, event-driven and realistic scenario experience, utilising well-established exercise resources in a controlled exercise environment. Our adaptable facilitation style helps to maximise participant engagement and provides a comprehensive, yet practical learning experience.

On completion of the exercise program, RiskLogic facilitates exercise debriefs followed by a comprehensive exercise report outlining key activities are undertaken, performance against established criteria and identification of key deficiencies to be addressed. We also provide practical recommendations to further improve the program, follow up support and endorsement/compliance statements on successful completion.



Crisis Management Technology

At RiskLogic, we’ve used our years of experience delivering tried and tested crisis management solutions to create a game changer. CQCommand allows you to rally your management team and provide a step-by-step list of actions and tools to help you make the right decisions when it matters most.