Technology Solutions

Our multi-award winning technology platforms provide real-time access to critical information and plans during an incident through any mobile device. They provide a means to save significant time and cost in maintaining programs, increase collaboration, communication and access to meaningful data. RiskLogic currently offers the following technology products:

Business Continuity Management


BC-3 is a web based business continuity tool that allows organisations to effectively command, control and co-ordinate all of their business continuity capabilities. Powered by ClearView, BC-3′s intuitive user interface and sophisticated functionality reduces the time and cost of managing resilience plans whatever the size of your organisation. More…

Crisis Management

Every organisation needs a smart, structured approach for managing crisis events, and more importantly the tools to execute a plan and under pressure. CQCommand allows you to rally your management team, providing a structured workflow and toolset to proactively manage                                                                  crisis activities, build situational awareness, collaborate and communicate. More…