Emergency Response Training


RiskLogic develops and delivers thousands of hours of training each year to a wide variety of clients throughout Australia and New Zealand. Training and development programs are available for all aspects of Emergency ManagementIncident Management and Workplace Health & Safety and all comply with relevant legislation, industry and best practice standards where applicable.

Training is delivered in a format that is most suited to our client’s needs, whether it’s face-to-face, online or a combination of formats. Course content is developed by our in-house team of adult learning specialists and subject matter experts taking into account different learning styles and unique client environments. Our courses have been proven to deliver highly practical and relevant learning experiences for tactical operational staff through to strategic senior executive leaders.

The following Emergency Response Training sessions, compliant with AS3745-2010 and tailored for unique industries, are available either in face-to-face or online formats:

  • Warden
  • Chief Warden
  • First Attack Fire Fighting
  • Emergency Awareness
  • Emergency Planning Committee
  • Communications Training (Reception training)
  • Hazardous Materials / Spillage Response
  • Mailroom Handling Training
  • Critical Incident Management Training
  • Evacuation Drill Exercise
  • Lockdown Drill Exercise
  • EvacPlus Exercise (Drills with casualty simulation)
  • Critical Incident Desktop Exercises