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Rising to the Challenge

Quite often, the RiskLogic NSW office appears empty and void of people despite the pumping music, lights on and freshly watered plants. It’s an office prepared for the workday – but where are the people?

They’re there in spirit. An average day in the office for the #RiskLogicNSW team involves client meetings, running workshops, implementing training, facilitating exercises, presenting webinars… the list goes on. Looking at 2018 as an example – it was an extremely challenging yet rewarding year for the team as they helped many clients build organisational resilience. Whilst a positive result, the team overlooked how this has helped them individually #risetothechallenge, enabling them to build resilience on a personal level.

The team challenged themselves to document their work, record footage and take a moment to think about what they’ve achieved in 2018. It was a lot. Well done #RiskLogicNSW.

What are you doing to #risetothechallenge in recognising your team achievements? 

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