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Business Continuity

Coronavirus covid-19 pandemic response

What are the issues as we move into the management phase of the COVID-19 Pandemic?

As the COVID-19 curve flattens across Australia and New Zealand, and organisations prepare to resume business in this ‘new-normal’, RiskLogic’s CEO Dan Shields talks to what it actually means for organisations to manage through this new normal, and discusses the new issues that we are already facing. COVID-19 started light in Australia and New Zealand, […]

Business continuity

Has the COVID-19 Pandemic demonstrated we must be ready for anything?

There is a lot of debate nationally and globally, around the state of crisis preparedness, planning and execution of responses, to what is now being referred to as a mega-crisis. Never has a single crisis resulted in such devastating impacts across all facets of our physical, social, economic and political environments. We talk about business […]

coronavirus travel restrictions

COVID-19: Repatriating and working with international staff

As coronavirus cases surge around the globe, the Australian Government has increased restrictions for travellers entering Australia, either denying entry or mandating a 14-day self-isolation period. Additionally, the global travel advisory has been raised to level 4 ‘Do Not Travel’ in the hopes of discouraging all international travel. In an unprecedented action, the Minister for […]

Coronavirus outbreak

Novel Coronavirus: when should your crisis management team be activated

COVID-19 (novel coronavirus): when should your crisis management team be activated 31st January 2020 In light of the WHO declaring COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) as a Public Health Emergency of International Concern, RiskLogic’s Regional Manager – Simon Petie talks to what organisations can do to mitigate the impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak. In summary: Work on […]

Integrating cyber risk into business continuity plans

Integrated Business Continuity Plans: Tackling Cyber Risk Head-on

24th January 2020 Cyber risk is one of the biggest concerns facing organisations today. The effects of a cyber attack or data breach can be felt throughout the entire organisation with far-reaching ramifications for customers and staff. This is no longer just an IT concern – it’s everybody’s business. “It’s critical that business continuity professionals […]

fatigue management in business continuity

Integrating Fatigue Management programs into Business Continuity

8th January 2020 The increase in 24 hour business operations and longer work shifts has highlighted the need for effective fatigue management strategies. Research has shown that fatigue can have significant impacts on a business including: Reduced productivity (through impaired performance, errors, etc.)   Increased accidents (15–20% of accidents in transport operations are related to […]

Bushfire haze a threat to business continuity

Bushfire haze an emerging threat to Business Continuity

16th December 2019 | Dr Rebecca Hoile, Senior Manager Australia is no stranger to bushfires, but November saw the worst series of bushfire events occur across multiple states, with many still burning. The impact of those directly affected individuals, communities and the environment has been enormous – with loss of life, hundreds of homes, livestock […]

Information Security Framework

APRA’s information security requirements: is your organisation prepared?

23rd October 2019 With one in 10 Australian businesses reporting an internet security incident breach1, effective management of increasingly prevalent and sophisticated attacks on information is critical. Australian regulators have also begun tightening data management, cyber resilience and information security requirements with APRA’s standard CPS 234. The new standard, which came into force on 1 […]