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Cyber Resilience

Cyber resilience COVID-19

Strengthening cyber resilience in a COVID world

COVID-19 has transformed the way we work in unprecedented ways, with more people working from home in the longest work from home experiment the world has ever experienced. As organisations re-establish business operations in a phased easing of restrictions, it’s expected that many working from home arrangements will continue. For organisations to operate successfully in […]

Integrating cyber risk into business continuity plans

Integrated Business Continuity Plans: Tackling Cyber Risk Head-on

24th January 2020 Cyber risk is one of the biggest concerns facing organisations today. The effects of a cyber attack or data breach can be felt throughout the entire organisation with far-reaching ramifications for customers and staff. This is no longer just an IT concern – it’s everybody’s business. “It’s critical that business continuity professionals […]

RiskLogic Perth office

RiskLogic opens new Perth office

RiskLogic has opened a new office in Perth – demonstrating a long-term commitment to clients, businesses and Partners in Western Australia. The Perth office adds to the national growth of RiskLogic and will offer the full suite of resilience services including Business Continuity, Crisis Management, Incident Management, Cyber Consulting and Crisis Communications. The Perth office […]

Cyber Security Webinar | Do I pay the ransom?

Cyber Series webinar Do I Pay the ransom

Subscribe to our mailing list so you don’t miss future webinars. Ransomware attacks are growing significantly around the world and have quickly become one of the leading cyber threats facing organisations today. To add further pressure, hackers are making very public ransom demands via social media, increasing the pressure on victims to act immediately. With […]

Cyber Security Webinar | Dark web

Cyber Series webinar-your data is for sale

Subscribe to our mailing list so you don’t miss future webinars. Data theft is a lucrative business for hackers, and this has been demonstrated time and time again when large organisations become victims of a data breach. In fact, breaches are becoming so sophisticated that some industries have introduced tight regulations to ensure entities have […]

APRA CPS 234 Webinar

Cyber Series webinar on all systems down

Subscribe to our mailing list so you don’t miss future webinars. Cyber criminals are not always just after financial gain. Increasingly system disruption, industrial espionage and sabotage are trending as motive and outcomes of major compromises. All systems down! explores recent case studies where businesses in the manufacturing industry have been severely disrupted and even […]