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Smallpox Virus

Explosion at Smallpox lab creates International debate

19th September 2019 | by Dr Rebecca Hoile, Senior Manager – South Australia, RiskLogic  You know something is happening when your phone starts pinging! WhatsApp, Twitter, emails coming in from colleagues and friends around the globe. An explosion at Russia’s State Research Centre of Virology and Biotechnology (VECTOR) – one of only two places in […]

University student clashes

Impacts of student clashes on Crisis Management Planning at Australian universities

Rising political tensions in Hong Kong are impacting organisations around the world, with Australian universities reporting escalating violent clashes between pro-Hong Kong and pro-China students. The clashes began with two students. Both from different backgrounds. Both attending the University of Queensland. Both were new to activism and met over their outrage with the current situations […]

APS910 and business continuity

Building APS910 compliance into Business Continuity Plans

Following the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) in 2008, the Australian Government introduced the Financial Claims Scheme (FCS) to protect depositors. The Prudential Standards APS910 – Financial Claims Scheme released in 2013 required Authorised Deposit-Taking Institutions (banks, building societies and credit unions – referred to as ADIs in this article) and general insurance companies to implement […]

Cyber Security | Securing client data

Data security – keeping client data safe

The internet as we know it has evolved dramatically from its inception 28 years ago, from basic text-based pages to image and video filled screens that are incorporated into almost every aspect of people’s day to day lives. With an estimated 56.1% of the population currently having internet access, we’ve seen it become an ever […]

Melbourne Fire

Business continuity – How infernos like the melbourne fire in campbellfield can affect your bottom line

In the early morning of April 5th, the Metropolitan Fire brigade were called to an industrial fire at a factory in Campbellfield. What they saw was an out of control inferno with projectiles shooting into the air like rockets. The factory at the centre of this blaze was Bradbury Industrial Services – the Waste business […]