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Dolce & Gabbana | Crisis Communications

How not to apologise publicly in a crisis

Learning from your mistakes is often painful, especially when it knocks some shine off your reputation. Learning from the mistakes of others is a much better option. Our Head of Communications Tim Archer analyses a very public apology by international fashion brand Dolce & Gabbana: Background Late last year D&G ran a campaign on social […]

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Building organisational resilience

RiskLogicNSW rises to the challenge

Quite often, the RiskLogic NSW office appears empty and void of people despite the pumping music, lights on and freshly watered plants. It’s an office prepared for the workday – but where are the people? They’re there in spirit. An average day in the office for the #RiskLogicNSW team involves client meetings, running workshops, implementing […]

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Insurance and Business Continuity Webinar

Insurance and Business Continuity Webinar

Presented on Friday 5th April 2019. Recent catastrophic events coupled with local industrial losses has significantly changed the insurance industry. Insurers appetite to underwrite Food and Beverage and Manufacturing exposures in particular has reduced dramatically. This change has led to increased premiums and in some instances, businesses being classified as ‘un-insurable’. Managing this change in […]

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Brisbane Resilience Challenge

RiskLogicQLD Riverloop Challenge

Everyday, RiskLogic supports its clients to be more resilient and #RiseToTheChallenge when faced with a disruption. The team has learnt that the most effective way to help clients build resilience is to experience resilience on a personal level. A resilient individual who can overcome adversity and come out stronger, is highly motivated in helping clients […]

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Travel crisis management

Crisis on Tour Webinar

Presented on Friday 22nd March 2019. Globalisation has led to significant growth in the number of people travelling the world, benefiting many industries – particularly within the travel and education sector. Whilst this has many positive impacts, it has also exposed these industries to more adverse risks then ever – from natural disasters to health […]

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Crisis Management Technology

Tactical Emergency Response Webinar – Technology in Action

Presented on Wednesday 21st November 2018, this 30 minute webinar draws on experience from real life events and provide insights into how organisations are using Activate to manage and execute their emergency response programs with speed.   The Tactical Emergency Response webinar is geared toward the use of the technology application – Activate and how […]

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Strategic Crisis Response

Strategic Crisis Response Webinar – Technology in Action

Presented on Wednesday 28th November 2018, this 30 minute webinar workshops how Crisis events typically unfold, the critical ingredients of an effective strategic response and how the technology application – CQCommand, is empowering leaders to proactively assess, escalate and get ahead of large scale crisis situations.   The Strategic Crisis Response webinar aims to provide […]

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BCI Australasia Summit 2018 sponsorship

RiskLogic is pleased to return as a platinum sponsor of the BCI Australasia Summit 2018 for the 8th consecutive year. This year, in collaboration with Clearview, we will be exhibiting our innovative business continuity & crisis management software, as well as support our New Zealand Regional Manager – Brad Law, as he presents ‘The water […]

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RottnestChannelSwim-768x325 (1)

The 2018 Rottnest Channel Swim through the eyes of a Resilience Manager.

Attracting seasoned and experienced resilience consultants sit at the core of every successful consulting company. The RiskLogic team are not only employees of the organisation, but they are part of the family – so much so that consultants live and breathe resilience outside of the work environment. Meet Henry Shepherd. Henry is a Manager at […]

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RiskLogic providing interns with practical experience

When an organisation is in growth mode, it’s quite common for the HR department to be buzzing with activity as they sift through job applications to find the ideal candidate – one who is experienced and would fit into the team dynamic. It’s also quite common for the HR department in these cases to dismiss […]

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