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Business Continuity Program Reviews

RiskLogic can analyse and review existing resilience programs to assess an organisation’s level of preparedness and compliance with legislation, best practice standards or benchmarks. This may be specific to business continuity or combined with other resilience services, based on the nature, focus and scale of the review. RiskLogic has also assisted a number of organisations to prepare for and obtain ISO 22301 certification.

Post Incident Reviews

RiskLogic facilitates Post Incident Reviews (PIRs) for organisations who have experienced a recent disruption or incident. A PIR is an evaluation of an organisation’s response to a disruption or incident and can be for the entire organisation, selected divisions or focused on external stakeholders. PIRs provide clients with significant learning opportunities by identifying weaknesses and emphasizing strengths, serving to further improve business continuity programs and continually build organisational resilience.

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Supply Chain and Third Party Assessments

Continuity of service by third-party suppliers is critical to many organisations. RiskLogic assists clients to ascertain whether critical suppliers maintain appropriate and sound business continuity programs, thereby minimising supplier dependency risks and improving operational confidence. RiskLogic can review supplier preparations to varying scales, from tailored self-assessment checklists through to formal onsite program reviews.

Benchmarking and Scorecard Systems

RiskLogic can provide an effective evaluation tool to measure an organisation’s business continuity program against industry practices and best practice principals. Implementation of this program provides a clear comparison of measurable indicators that are of value to the particular organisation.

This assists to develop a renewed focus on Business Continuity programs, with the aim of increasing commitment and engagement across the organisation. It also provides a foundation for the further improvement and development of programs based on clear, practical recommendations.

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Business Continuity Technology

BC-3 is a multi-award winning, web-based business continuity tool that allows organisations to effectively command, control and coordinate all of their business continuity capabilities. Brought to you by Risklogic, and powered by ClearView, BC-3’s intuitive user interface and sophisticated functionality reduce the time and cost of managing resilience plans whatever the size of your organisation.