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Crisis Communications

We transform your communications team into crisis specialists

CEOS and Boards need to be aware of the critical gap between business-as-usual corporate communications and best-practice crisis communications.

There is a big difference between being able to handle a day-to-day contentious issue and successfully managing a full blown crisis.

Communicating effectively when you are the lead story on every news bulletin for days, or when all your IT systems have been locked by ransomware, requires crisis experience, sound judgement, cool heads and, above all, best-practice preparedness.

You may have a PR company on retainer, but if they haven’t prepared a comprehensive crisis communications plan for you, they are doing you a major disservice.

Research by Pentland Analytics highlights that in the 12 months following a crisis, there is a 45% difference in shareholder value between those businesses that respond effectively and those that don’t.

To navigate effectively through reputational storms, you need a communications team with ‘lived crisis experience’. People who can ‘bail and sail’ simultaneously and under enormous pressure.

“With a little planning, training and exercising, your communications team can be transformed into seasoned crisis specialists.”

Crisis Communications services

Our tried and tested methodologies are scalable and adaptable to individual organisations and are compliant with all best practice and regulatory requirements.

Our services include:

Standard Crisis Communications Audit 
Crisis Communications Plan
Crisis Communications Training
Crisis Communications Exercises
Media Training
Crisis Communications Rapid Response

Standard Crisis Communications Audit

This is a straight forward sanity check of your crisis communications preparedness. We run the ruler across your Crisis Communications Plan and/or your existing systems and processes.

We meet with your Head of Communications and Chief Risk Officer to understand your crisis communications capability, and provide you with a full report. Where gaps exist, we recommend how they can be filled.

This is a cost effective way to get an independent assessment of your crisis communications preparedness.

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Crisis Communications Plan

If you don’t have a Crisis Communications Plan and a designated Crisis Communications Team, you will be immediately on the back foot when a crisis hits.

A slow or poor response can potentially exacerbate the reputational damage.

RiskLogic collaborates with you to develop a best-practice Crisis Communications Plan that will serve you well in the toughest of tests. It is populated with assessment tools, stakeholder mapping, team structures, approval processes, strategy and holding statement templates and key messages that address your key risks.

The user-friendly plan is a critical component of your wider Crisis Management Plan and ensures a strategic, methodical and thorough response.

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Crisis Communications Training

When the Crisis Communications Plan is endorsed, RiskLogic trains all members of the Crisis Communications team to use it.

We train the team to formulate the appropriate communication strategy that meets the needs of the Executive and the wider Crisis Management Team.

This is an interactive session where team members master their roles and responsibilities and learn how to use the tools, templates and checklists.

We recommend this training includes staff from other business units who might be seconded in to help the Crisis Communications Team in the first 24-48 hours of a crisis.

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Crisis Communications Exercises

RiskLogic creates highly realistic, hands-on scenario exercises that reinforce and embed the roles and responsibilities of all members of the Crisis Communications Team.

Guided by our expert facilitators, and using our industry leading Social Media Simulator, our exercises include interactive ‘injects’ from media, social media and other stakeholders.

They provide a safe place for the communications team to hone their skills, learn from their mistakes and identify gaps. Our exercises also include an on-camera TV or radio interview with the CEO or designated spokesperson, providing valuable practice in a high-pressure scenario.

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Media Training

We are yet to meet a CEO or spokesperson who is perfect at handling the intense media scrutiny that comes with a crisis. It is a performance art that requires regular practice and continual improvement.

There is a big difference between doing a one-on-one TV interview and being surrounded by a bank of TV cameras and scrum of aggressive journalists.

RiskLogic’s hands-on media training takes your spokespeople to the next level of preparedness.

We tailor the training to stretch them beyond their existing experience, using realistic crisis scenarios they could potentially face in the future.

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Crisis Communications Rapid Response

When a crisis hits, RiskLogic can embed one of our crisis communications experts to guide and assist your team. We provide you with a crucial sounding board for the strategic and tactical decision making, ensuring your response is rolled out methodically and to maximum effect.

This service can be activated as a remote resource available via phone and video conferences, or as an onsite presence at a half or full day rate.

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Why work with RiskLogic?

Our crisis communication consultants have decades of experience in senior roles, with a proven track record of successfully managing countless high-profile incidents, events and crises.

Our unique scenario exercises, our Social Media Simulator and our live media interviews provide a highly realistic environment, hands-on learning and development experience.

We lift your team’s capability from being a competent communications team to being well-drilled, in-house crisis experts who are ready and capable to respond confidently.

To open a discussion about how RiskLogic can help your business with crisis communications, contact us today.

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Crisis Management Technology

At RiskLogic, we’ve used our years of experience delivering tried and tested crisis management solutions to create a game changer. CQCommand allows you to rally your management team and provide a step-by-step list of actions and tools to help you make the right decisions when it matters most.