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Pandemic Preparedness and Response Planning

Pandemic preparedness and response planning is an integral part of any organisation’s  business continuity program.

Recent outbreaks have highlighted how severe the impact of an infectious disease can be on an organisation’s business operations, people, customers and supply chains. Pandemic planning can assist your organisation mitigate the negative impacts of outbreaks and provide confidence to your stakeholders in operating safely, outside of a business as usual environment.

Pandemic Response Plans

RiskLogic will work with you to develop comprehensive pandemic response plans that are flexible, to help you prepare for and respond to various types of outbreaks.

We help you to review the plans annually, rehearse them through scenario exercises and revise them to align with public health recommendations to emerging outbreaks.

Executive Briefings

The impacts of an emerging pandemic will be felt across your organisation. In this situation, your executive team will need a deep understanding of the risks and challenges this creates.

To help your executive team respond when a public health emergency like COVID-19 escalates, RiskLogic can deliver tailored executive briefings to inform your Board and Executive Management of the current situation, the likely impacts and potential disruptions to your business, as well as strategies to help mitigate the effects.

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Business Continuity Technology

BC-3 is a multi-award winning, web-based business continuity tool that allows organisations to effectively command, control and coordinate all of their business continuity capabilities. Brought to you by Risklogic, and powered by ClearView, BC-3’s intuitive user interface and sophisticated functionality reduce the time and cost of managing resilience plans whatever the size of your organisation.