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Wesley Mission Case Study

The Situation

Our client – Wesley Mission is a not-for-profit charity organisation which provides emergency and crisis support for people and communities, helping them to face life’s challenges. As a not-for-profit organisation, Wesley Mission already had some resilience plans in place. However, due to internal restructures, change in company procedures & government legislation, and the introduction of data protection laws, Wesley Mission recognised the need to review and update its resilience plans and to include additional crucial elements.

The Task

RiskLogic was asked to review the existing resilience plan for Wesley Mission and further develop the plan to improve their business continuity capabilities. This included a review of their Business Continuity, Crisis Management, risk management framework and cyber response capabilities.

The Actions

RiskLogic consultants spent time with individual stakeholders of Wesley Mission to get a full understanding of their roles and functions. From these deep dive conversations, our consultants developed:

  • A full Business Continuity & Crisis Management plan – this included the planning, business impact analysis, training and scenario exercises with the Crisis leadership team.
  • An analysis, test and exercise of the finance criticial function with component testing – this involved defining performance indicators and establishing test scripts to validate the recovery of the finance function in the event of a system outage.
  • A risk management plan covering the risk management policy & procedure, an operational risk register workshop with the 5 key business areas within Wesley Mission and an update of the strategic risk register.
  • A cyber response plan to help Wesley Mission identify, manage & guide them on mandatory breach reporting to maintain the integrity of their client’s information. The cyber response plan was designed to link with existing Crisis Management and Business Continuity plans, as well as identify trigger and escalation points in line with existing reporting matrices.

RiskLogic developed these plans and tested them against Wesley Mission’s framework to mitigate any impact a disruption may have on its 130+ community programs and 295,000+ clients. Preemptive planning helps Wesley Mission remain innovative, agile and responsive to their clients’ needs.

The Results

Wesley Mission’s Crisis Leadership team gained valuable skills in managing an incident. The team built confidence in effective communication and developed appropriate strategies that could be implemented during real life incidents impacting their organisation, their 2,000+ staff, 6,500+ volunteers and the many services they provide to the community, such as (but not limited to) Aged care, mental health & hospitals, disability support, training & jobs.

Having a strong resilience framework in place has given Wesley Mission confidence that they will be able to continue servicing their clients and protecting their personal information in the event of a major disruption. These plans will ensure Wesley Mission continues to help people most in need, giving them the opportunity to live a more fulfilling life.

We thank Maddie and RiskLogic for their excellent support of our Business Continuity and Risk Management Projects. The breadth of experience and expertise, focus on outcomes, timely delivery of work and warm approach has been much appreciated

Jonathan Abednego

Head of Business Services | Wesley Mission