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Do I pay the Ransom?

The Cyber Series Webinar

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Ransomware attacks are growing significantly around the world and have quickly become one of the leading cyber threats facing organisations today. To add further pressure, hackers are making very public ransom demands via social media, increasing the pressure on victims to act immediately. With the size of demands sometimes lower than the potential cost of rebuilding IT systems, some victims have been paying the ransom.

In this 45-minute live streamed webinar, we talk through live and current case studies, as well as the critical considerations that need to be factored into the response to ransomware attacks.

Areas of discussion:

1. Examples of ‘phishing’
2. Common weak spots in cyber hygiene which can lead to a successful ransomware event
3. Best practices to avoid ransomware attacks
4. Contemporary case studies and learnings
5. Critical success factors and takeaways


Daniel Muchow | Head of Cyber Security

Daniel Muchow

Head of Cyber Consulting | RiskLogic

Tim Archer | Head of Crisis Communications

Tim Archer

Head of Communications | RiskLogic


Marcus Vaughan

Director - Growth Strategies | RiskLogic