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Preparing for the impact of CPS 234

The Cyber Series Webinar

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Cyber criminals are not always just after financial gain. Increasingly system disruption, industrial espionage and sabotage are trending as motive and outcomes of major compromises.

All systems down! explores recent case studies where businesses in the manufacturing industry have been severely disrupted and even brought to their knees by a cyber attack.

This 45-minute webinar covers:

• Contemporary case studies – what went wrong, how they responded and what we can all learn from those experiences.
• Common blind spots
• Contingency and communications strategy
• Critical success factors and takeaways

This webinar benefits Risk Management, Resilience, Information Security, Operations and Communications specialists at both Executive and Management levels for organisations that integrate systems and business process.

There are learnings for all industries, but it will be particularly relevant for Manufacturing, Transport and Logistics, Mining, Energy, Food and Beverage and Retail.


Daniel Muchow | Head of Cyber Security

Daniel Muchow

Head of Cyber Consulting | RiskLogic

Tim Archer | Head of Crisis Communications

Tim Archer

Head of Communications | RiskLogic


Marcus Vaughan

Director - Growth Strategies | RiskLogic