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Your Data's for Sale

The Cyber Series Webinar

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Data theft is a lucrative business for hackers, and this has been demonstrated time and time again when large organisations become victims of a data breach. In fact, breaches are becoming so sophisticated that some industries have introduced tight regulations to ensure entities have the strategies in place to protect sensitive data.

In this 45-minute live streamed webinar, we take you behind the secret curtains of the Dark Web and analyse what happens to your data once it’s stolen and placed for sale. We also discuss recent case studies where organisations have been involved in large scale breaches and the flow-on affect it had to business operations and their customers.

Discussion areas:

  1. A sneak peak of the Dark Web
  2. What happens to your data once it’s stolen
  3. Contemporary case studies – what went wrong, how they responded and what we can all learn from those experiences.

This webinar benefits Risk Management, Resilience, Information Security, Operations and Communications specialists at both Executive and Management levels for organisations that integrate systems and business process.

There are learnings for all industries, but it will be particularly relevant for Manufacturing, Transport and Logistics, Mining, Energy, Food and Beverage and Retail.


Daniel Muchow | Head of Cyber Security

Daniel Muchow

Head of Cyber Consulting | RiskLogic

Tim Archer | Head of Crisis Communications

Tim Archer

Head of Communications | RiskLogic


Marcus Vaughan

Director - Growth Strategies | RiskLogic